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Beyond Belief into Presence

Welcome Beautiful Friends!

If you’ve looked at any of our Dialogues or Movies, you know this was our traditional greeting at the beginning of each session.  It seems appropriate that we greet you in the same manner as we introduce our final teaching series, Beyond Belief into Presence.  We say “final” because now is the time to transition from teaching to demonstration. With great gratitude we lay aside the role of teacher, and step fully into the Being of Christ.

This series, BBIP, was created in the first half of 2017.  It was a live webcast, shared weekly, with a group of individuals that responded to our invitation to dive deeply into a state of Being we called Spacious Presence.  The invitation was to set aside all spiritual thought systems, all striving to become some ideal, and simply accept our present perfection, and then discover what might be revealed in Consciousness.

There are many jewels to be found in this series.  John Mark shows us how the body becomes the entryway into the ever present awareness of pure Existence. To say more now might just cloud your experience. As you watch the series, you will find that each session builds on the previous one, so we recommend that they be watched sequentially, allowing time between for assimilation.  We also created a Facebook page so that the participants could share their experiences.  If you’d like access to that page, click here.

As with all our “work,” this series is offered on a donation basis.  We were first given the gift, but we know it was given for all. If you feel moved to respond monetarily, we  will happily accept your joy! There is a Yellow Donate button at the top of this page.

Have a wonderful journey though Presence, remember You are Free, and Play Well,

Cindy and John Mark

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