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Welcome Beautiful Friends to Waking Up to the Movies!

Movies are our modern day parables and allegories. They are a wonderful ways to tell stories. Imagine living 2000 years ago, when Jesus, one of the best story tellers of all time, had only the simplest of tools to tell stories. Just the spoken word and simple drawings in the dirt. Today we have movies! They are immersive, multi-sensory, even 3D experiences. Movies make for wonderful teaching tools as they expose us to ideas, concepts and experiences we can not otherwise have.

While John Mark was walking his path, he was guided to over 100 films as teaching tools. The Holy Spirit/ Jesus would tell him what movie to watch and while he watched the movie, Spirit would have him pause the movie often. The Spirit would then explain how to look at the movie and understand it through the unified, singular, and true perception of the awakened Christ Mind. It was as if a whole new world was being revealed. It really taught John Mark how to watch his own mind and truly see what was going on inside himself. Watching those movies was great fun and contributed greatly to John Mark’s awakening.

John Mark now shares that same guided commentary at Waking Up to the Movies events. The messages of Spirit and Love are all around us, woven into every aspect of our daily experience. We usually do not see them because we are so identified with our individual egoic consciousness. Guided movie watching is a simple way to experience a teaching personified. Once we have witnessed the teaching illuminated on screen, we can turn our awareness inward and see its application in our own life. Guided movies open our mind to a reality beyond our existing concepts.

Waking Up to the Movies with guidance from the Holy Spirit can be a fun and easy way to open our minds, practice forgiveness and learn metaphysics.

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You can then download them and enjoy them at home. These files include John Mark’s guided commentary recorded during the movie. Simply click the name of the movie below the poster, it will take you to the download page, then click the download button on the bottom of the page to start the download. The files are large so it may take some time to download. Sit back, relax, watch (your mind watch the movie), enJoy and Wake Up (if you wish)! Oh, popcorn is a fun addition to the experience.



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