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John Mark & Cindy

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Attending John Mark’s PlayShop stirred up something so deep within the depth of my Soul with the echoes of my long lost Home that I didn’t even know existed in me. The prodigal son parable became a visceral experience for me, and I cried from the depth of my Soul being overwhelmed with joy, relief and sadness for the journey I took so long to remember. Without any words being exchanged, he knew exactly how I felt and allowed me to rest in his Presence so I can stay Home a while longer, The lingering remembrance of Home motivates me to start climbing up my own mountains without fear but with COURAGE, joy, eagerness and curiosity. Without his Presence of being the embodiment of Christ with such joy and wonder, I don’t think that I could have had the courage to commit to my own path of climbing the mountains. The four-day workshop has been filled with joy, giddiness and overwhelming gratitude to everything and every Being. He has the gift of making even the ego as exciting opportunities for mysteries and wonders to unfold. The PlayShop is all about Experiencing. It’s from the depth of my heart and Soul that I appreciate his gift for humanity.

With deep gratitude,


The One Who Wakes event with John Mark Stroud catapulted me into embodying my Christ Self like no other experience I have had. To reveal the depths of my illusions and the pain they have created to an awakened Being who sees only Love was transforming. John Mark showed me how to become acutely aware of my fear-based choices and gave me a clear and powerful path to receive inner guidance and to choose again. Since the Playshop, I am using his teachings to reveal to me my true power and joy. I am moving forward in my life in ways I wasn’t able to before. If you want to “wake up to your true Essence”, this is the one event you don’t want to miss. Laura T.


I have watched many videos and movies on John Mark’s website and have had several personal sharing sessions with him as well. I have enjoyed them all immensely and feel they have greatly helped me on my awakening path.
I recently had an opportunity to attend a One Who Wakes retreat in Montreat, NC. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who has had enough of the intellectual spiritual learning and now wants to take it to the level of actually embodying and living the teachings. The retreat not only provided specific embodying practices but also incorporated live “Waking up to the Movies” events where we watched a movie and then John Mark would pause it and give commentary to shift our perception about what was happening in the movie. I absolutely love that waking up can be so much fun! I am just so grateful to John Mark and all who participated in the event. We all experienced so much healing and so much love. I am so looking forward to attending my next One Who Wakes event! With the deepest of gratitude, Rob D.


With love and appreciation. I recently attended Living the Light of Christ retreat in NC. John Mark’s retreat play workshops strike a wonderful balance of joyful playfulness and fun, experiential intimacy building exercises and laser sharp ego shattering spiritual teachings. He is one who is Awake and inspires me to join him in waking too. Gail L.


Thank you, John Mark, for being such an inspirational Christ – by inspiring me into greater realisations about the Christ that I Am. In particular, the guidance you gave, taking us into an ever deepening of our I Am Presence, provided me with a feeling of such pure acceptance and love of All That Is, that it has stayed with me ever since. For that, I am eternally grateful – never mind all the other amazing experiences! Thank you, thank you, thank you. In love and joy and deep gratitude. Moira S.


The “Living in the Light of Christ” playshop was rich in love, wisdom, laughter and personal transformation. The depths of higher-consciousness flowing through you was palpable. As a teacher myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the play on the exchanges, allowing for first-hand demonstrations of the use of the Christ-Light in action, in life, as Love Itself. Thank you for being the Light and I would definitely recommend your retreats for anyone interested in coming to know Love and Truth. Kelly J.


This past retreat was the most powerful event in my life. When individuals come together with a common purpose to open to our true Divinity, miracles begin to happen. One Who Wakes provided a safe place for me to come directly aware of my own Divine identity. No words can describe what a healing and JOYOUS EXPERIENCE John Mark facilitated. Thanks John Mark! Kate D.




What I love so much about the playshop is that we were not reading books or getting lost in theory & thinking… (which I already mastered perfectly ; ))

It was just practice… practice… practice…   Breathing… Connecting with God… Feeling it… Receiving… Pure Healing… &  Celebrating the Life and the Love that We are…

Yeah!! I love it!! And so important for me: After the playshop, at home, in every day life, I still feel it!! I live it!!  Thank You!!!

Rieka W.


With a heart full of gratitude I want to share my experiences on this playshop.I feel that words will fail to describe it. Coming home I took a photo of this powerful, beautiful sun , shining through the clouds, lovingly playing with them, transforming them into miracles of joy, beauty and love, giving its abundance to every open heart. It’s how I felt this weekend . My ancient thoughts about myself (not being spiritually advanced enough, not worthy enough….things like: I cannot see energy , hear inner voices nor feel them like so many others …..) melted away with this playshop. And I’d really like to encourage each and everyone to let drop these beliefs and to open to the ever present love and guidance, loving everyone with the same love, in playing his part in the great opening.

On this playshop I experienced that it is just about to be to be open and curious like a child. After about thirty years I started to dance at this weekend and I was so surprised!! I didn’t have to learn it, it was only hidden but I felt , it always was there , longing for to express the flow of the inner joy of bebeingeally alive , as the light of Christ always is waiting in us, longing to express itself I read it thousand and more times. But now I could feel it ! It felt like the Course coming out of the book, dancing, playing and celebrating with us the powerful expanding light of the Christ we are.

I experienced the power of breathing, the healing release of being honest with long hidden inner secrets. I felt the heaven open in opening to see Christ in me and everyone. I felt the light coming into my awareness in form of strength, great presence and wholeness and walls began to fall.
This whole playshop was so so much carried in love, that I could trust completely to every step we were guided through.

Thank you , Rosie Maria for all the wonderful and powerful experiences of breathing, laughing, opening and dancing with us, giving room to experience and free the inner joy, love and energy. Thank you for the challenge of being honest, and for your living example to practice all of this.

Thank you John Mark from deep within my heart. Thank you for really sharing with us Christ’s presence in everyone of us in a way that reaches gently every open heart. Thank you for the courage of being who you are, encouraging all of us to choose the same. Thank you for your loving jokes that embraced us and helped us to step out of fear and doubt and to open to love’s joy. And thank you for so much more……  With a heart full of gratitude and love.



I would like to let you know that the biggest thing that has happened for me during the three days with you is that I have now started to truly communicate with my inner guidance. I know now that I can hear/ perceive it, I often do remember to ask before making decisions and I ask! A big chunk of resistance to listening has just dropped away. I trust more that what inner guidance has to offer me is always good and always better than my own ideas. It is huge, and thank you so much for helping opening the door for me! Love and hugs :-)))))))
Kendra G.
This journey with John Mark and Rosie-Maria was so amazing powerful !
The messages of Spirit came through John Mark with such clarity !
I had a huge shift ! For me this has been the most powerful retreat I ever did .
The movies guided by spirit , through John Mark are a huge contribution to awakening.
Rosie-Maria is a great teacher with  powerful techniques , and a wonderful channel !
Being in the presence of one who awakened , John Mark, made it possible for me to feel the truth in myself !  Wahoo, laugh and love and light are ringing my life now !!
MY gratefulness is unspeakable,  love and blessings.
Annemieke L
Thank you for this wonderful amazing and powerful Playshop!
If somebody would ask me about my playshop with you I would summarize it this way:
In this playshop you stop learning and start experiencing!
Be ready for a shift!
In deep gratitude and joy,
Cynthia M

WOW – A workshop full of fun, joy, love and laughter. Truly amazing to feel the ease at which we can Know Our Truth and to experience the simplicity of connecting to source. To feel oneness in its entirety and to experience true love. A real blessing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Your love truly did pour down and expand to all who attended.

Joanne, Paul and Jamie (Ireland PlayShop)


“At the beginning of September I had the great privilege and joy to attend a retreat in Germany with John Mark and Rosie-Maria. It was the most powerful and love-filled seminar of my life. The perfect blend of their playful, profound and loving teachings and practices is magic and allows an easy, innocent and wide opening to the unknown.

John Mark has a unique gift of making God’s reality tangible with few words, lightness and eloquent images. I experienced a radical shift in my consciousness, a calm and evident willingness to leave the old patterns of life with all the violence of their smallness. The choice is radical but made so easier by John Mark’s own radiance: either let God be the unique Reality He is or contracting and enslaving our life within our own definitions.

We finished the retreat with a magnificent ceremony guided by Rosie-Maria that I can only describe as utterly sacred. I experienced myself as self-evident love, naturally arising as my real Self. I do not feel since the slightest willingness to be anything else.

Thank you both for the gift you are so beautifully and so courageously. And see you soon!”

Agnes B.