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Way Of Mastery Deepening’s and Q&A Mp3’s

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All Deepening’s are listed here as audio only Mp3 files. They are in chronological order, newest down to oldest.


Over the course of the three years Jeshua Channeled “The Way of Mastery – The Pathway to Christ Mind” through Jayem, he answered 44 questions posed by those in attendance at the Channelings. The playlist below includes all 44 Questions and Jeshua’s answers. 


A series of channelings of Jeshua (Jesus) through Jayem, shared at the annual Way of the Heart Festival in the UK. The first channelling in 2010 marked the first time Jeshua had asked to come through Jayem publically for many years, and the Festival, a beautiful annual gathering to facilitate the deepening and celebration of Christ Mind, remains the only occasion he is formally channelled by Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer) in this way.

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