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 Ever wonder what Jeshua (Jesus) is really like?

What does he actually teach?

The Way of Mastery is the pathway Jeshua actually walked to enlightenment. He then became a Master teacher of The Way.

Jeshua channeled the Way of Mastery and its associated teachings thru Jon Marc Hammer (Jayem). In doing so, Jeshua returned his teachings to their original integrity.  He corrected all the distortions that occurred over the centuries. Much of the power in these channellings rest in their audio recording. This is the way Jeshua taught his disciples and followers, with his spoken word. The recordings were later transcribed into the Way of Mastery. The Way contains three sections, The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation & The Way of Knowing. There are 36 lessons designed to span 3 years.

Listening to these audio recordings makes for an incredibly intimate and direct experience with Jeshua. You feel and know him in a way to which nothing short of a personal visit from him can compare.  You can follow these teachings, just as they lead Jeshua, into the remembrance and embodiment of perfect union in God.

Shortly after John Mark awoke while living A Course In Miracles, Jeshua directed him to the Way of Mastery.  Now you can join John Mark as he shares how Jeshua guided him.  In Communion with Jeshua John Mark offered a series of Deepening’s to the Way of the Heart (the first 12 lessons in WOM). The videos can be watched here.

If you have any questions about the Way of Mastery or need guidance to the Way of Mastery materials please email

More information on The Pathway and the channel Jon Marc Hammer (Jayem) can be found here, Here is the link to purchase and download the actual audio recordings of the lessons.

You may choose to purchase the transcriptions of the recordings to aid in your study. Pathway texts can be purchased here

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