One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

Many come simply to join with John Mark’s in Christ’s presence. He is more than happy to sit deeply in the silence that is Christ Peace or join in an open dialogue. John Mark is also available to connect on the phone, Skype or FaceTime. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with John Mark, please go the Contact page and send a request.


Welcome Beautiful Friend. It is with great Joy that I look forward to our time together. The form of our communication takes does not matter. Whether our time together will be in person or using a technology interface, the result is the same, we will be joined as One in the Christ Mind.

There is only one rule: That there are no rules! 

You are free and sovereign. I honor and respect you as the Child of God you are. Please allow your mind to relax. Dispense with all the mind’s ideas of right, wrong, should, shouldn’t: simply open and allow Love to guide our time together.

Know this, I can not give you anything you do not, in Truth, already possess. I will joyfully stroll beside you as we walk a bit together on your path, the way you have chosen. I serve but to remind you that you are Love, Now! I will, however, fully exercise my limitless power to Love you without measure or reservation, until you make the same choice. It is my eternal Joy to do so.

I do this sharing as a gift of and service to Love, for we are indeed One Self. I leave it to you to determine the value of our sharing. Love Offerings or Donations can be given in person or by simply going to and clicking the yellow give button in the upper right hand corner.

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