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Greetings Beautiful Friends!

Hard to believe that our last posting was in January just after Cindy’s heart surgery. Nine months have passed and we’ve had the chance to see many of you during our travels over that time. For those we’ve missed, here’s an update:

First off, Cindy’s newly revised heart is serving her quite well. It has been a renewal of spirit as well as form. A big thank you to all who have inquired about her, and supported her with your love. A few weeks after her surgery, we spent some time in Brazil at the Casa of John of God. It was a time of quiet and rest, and much contemplation. Perfectly timed, of course!

In March, we traveled to England so that John Mark could help facilitate the Way of the Heart Festival in its inaugeral spring gathering. What a wonderful event and a beautiful gathering of Friends, both old and new. The festival corresponded with the Super Moon eclipse and its predictions of the collective awakening of humankind. Jeshua’s channeling through John Mark is available on our site. Just follow the link, if you’d like to listen to the recording:

The Way of the Heart Festival was part of this year’s Europe tour, which included Playshops in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. John Mark was joined by Rosie Maria Love to teach and demonstrate that we are the Living Christ, God’s Heart of Love Incarnate. Cindy made a quick dash back to the States to be present for the birth of her new grandson, and coincidently, the sale of our house in Asheville. Just two days after the closing on the house, we found ourselves on another flight out.

That’s right, we met over forty other Friends of the Heart for a pilgrimage to Israel and France, lead by Jayem. What an incredible opportunity to be in union with this group of dedicated beings, and walk the same path as Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. Miracles overflowed as each of us reaffirmed our Truth and chose to dive deeper into communion with God I Am. We extended our stay in France by a couple weeks to live in community with our Friends, then took some time to ourselves in Malta to examine and deepen our relationship with each other.

July found us in Denver for another powerfully healing Playshop. Wow, they just keep getting better and better! With the Mount Shasta Playshop scheduled for late August, we took some time to travel in the western states, camping in national parks, and enjoying the amazing beauty of this creation called Nature. The moment we first saw Mount Shasta was unforgettable. She seemed to appear immediately before us as the mist parted and her massive presence seemed to sit right in our lap. The Playshop was a living, breathing revelation. It’s hard to describe the experience of watching beings transform before your eyes. Long-held beliefs fall away, minds open, and hearts expand into joyful freedom. Come to one yourself and be made new!

That brings us to this past weekend and our overnight camping on the Shanti Christo land for the Blood Moon Eclipse on September 27th. Over the three day campout, nearly forty Friends of the Heart were drawn to the land, either to stay overnight or drop in during the day. Don’t you just love reunions? What an astounding convergence of celestial and earthly Beings. The Temple Keepers seemed to whisper welcome with the breeze, while a heavenly chorus sang in glorious praise during the brilliant light show of the eclipse. We’ll gotten many messages from Friends sharing insights about their ongoing unfolding.

After several months on the road, we kinda like the lifestyle, so we decided to extend our trip. We are now making an Airstream trailer our home. We fondly call her the JoyShip, and we foresee sailing across the country for more gatherings. Let us know if you are interested in helping to host a gathering or Playshop in your area. We might even turn the JoyShip into a mobile studio and do some webcasts. We’re happily exploring how Love might extend through us. Send us your suggestions.

Finally, we’d like to express our deep gratitude for all of you. Your support and presence lights up our life. Thank you, thank you!