One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud


Clean Slate – The Practice of a Little Willingness

Clean Slate small.003The Course in Miracles asks us to come to God with wholly empty hands, free of any concepts we have of who we are or what God is.  No thoughts of right or wrong, good or bad, what is worthy and what is not.  We are even to drop any concept of the spiritual path, being told that God needs no help in finding us.  But we may not know how to empty ourself.  John Mark shares a technique given him by Jesus to create a clean slate.  It’s simple and only requires our willingness.  The Course identifies intellect as … Read More >

Be Like Water – True Contemplation

Waterslide.003We don’t know what a single thing is or is for! Every artist starts with an empty canvas.  Then follows an interpretation.  John Mark shares how Jesus guided him into being the empty canvas by questioning the meaning of every image, emotion, thought, and form.  Then Jesus re-interpreted their meaning in the light of True Being.  He gave John Mark the symbol of water to illustrate the unchanging nature of Self.  Now John Mark shares his contemplation of the qualities of water to demonstrate who we really are. Are you ready to be more listener than thinker?

This Dialogue was … Read More >