One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

Thanksgiving Message

As we move into the week of Thanksgiving, we often pause to consider all for which we are grateful, to count our blessings as the saying goes.  I opened my mind to Christ for guidance on this note and I was surprised by what came.

We are so rooted in our physical body/mind experience, that if you were to make a list of things for which you are grateful, it would most likely be full of things. Yes, form or stuff.  I was moved to share a simple request.  

Will you please join me in being grateful for the ability to be grateful or not?  In other words, to be grateful for the simple presence of conscious awareness itself. This consciousness is the Limitless Freedom of God in our minds that we use in every moment to create our experience. When we follow the ego’s guidance, our experiences are often fearful and painful. But when following the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we find ourselves healed and at peace. It is the Freedom given us by the Limitless Love of God that gives us that very freedom of choice. We each decide how to use that power of choice. Jesus spoke of this simple truth when he walked the earth. He said he was given all power over Heaven and Earth. As the Holy Son of God, we each have that very same power! Every choice is a decision to live as a separated ego (earth), or to live in Oneness (Heaven). That gift, given us by the Father in our collective creation as the Son, can NEVER be lost or taken away (nothing real can be threatened). That is the very same power we used to create the entire physical cosmos and the dream of separation. It is that very same power, the simple power of choice that takes us Home.

Again I ask, will you please join with me in being grateful for such freedom and power? If so, may I ask that you also use that power to bring Heaven to Earth through your choice to accept the Atonement? For that, all of creation will be eternally grateful!

In Infinitude & Love,

John Mark