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The Gift of Revelation…

puzzleHello Beautiful Friends, As I sit in the lounge of our Airstream travel trailer looking out over the rugged coastline of Big Sur, California, the last rays of the setting sun are caressing the sky and ocean. It is hard to actually tell where one ends and the other begins. Beautiful! Cindy and I have been so blessed by our ongoing Spirit-lead journey in our Airstream. It is so wonderful to wake to new views and breathtaking vistas regularly.

Ahhh, Presence made easy by all things always being new. There is little time or ability to fall into patterns, habits or routines while living like this. We Love it! I could write volumes about these trips and the wonderful experiences we have. We are moved quite often to places like this, where we are now in Big Sur. Places with not a lot of people around and lots of natural beauty. These places have very little psychic energy, and much natural energy. We don’t even have cell service here, much less wifi.

Anyway, the point of this introduction is that in these places it is SO SO SO easy to ‘connect’ to the silence and stillness that is the doorway to communion and communication with Spirit. I really enjoy slipping past the thinking mind and resting at the I AM door, knowing Love will always meet me there.

That brings me to my sharing with you now. Which is rather long by the way, I hope you will see it through to the end. I desire to share with you a series of Revelations I have had recently. They are very exciting and I pray I can share enough here that a doorway might be opened for you to experience the same insights for yourself.

I recently got an e-mail from a woman who told of an Awakening experience she had while watching one of the Waking Up to the Movies. Here is what she had to say…..

John Mark, The words you spoke at the end of the film “One Week”  resounded with something so deep in my heart and I felt a Love so strong pouring through you and from you that I touched a part of me that is usually obscured.   That Divine experience of “tasting”  the Absolute, thanks to another is wild and sweet.   Thanks to Cindy too !   Bless you both, Tricia xxx

This kind of thing has happened a lot and it got me really curious. I was wondering, “What is going on with these Movies and how are they having such an effect?” Well as is always the case, when I ask, the answer is given. The answer came in pieces over a few days but when the final piece of this little puzzle dropped in all of a sudden I could SEE the answer to my question. I have to tell you, I was blown away by what was revealed, Wow.

I will do my best to share it with you here. I kinda look at the process of Awakening like putting a puzzle back together. Like each of Us, the puzzle is Created whole and perfect as One Complete and whole image (We are all Created in the Image of our Creator). After the puzzle image is Created whole, a choice is made to separate the puzzle into a bunch of individually shaped pieces. Each piece having a perfect spot where only it can fit. Each piece perfectly unique. Each one perfectly equal to every other piece. No one piece is more important than another. Each piece is necessary to the Perfection and Wholeness of the completed and re-assembled puzzle.

One of the frustrating things about Awakening is it seems we are all trying to reassemble the puzzle without the box top. You know, the picture on the puzzle box that shows you what the completed puzzle is suppose to look like. I liken Revelation to God holding up the Box Top for a moment and where there seemed to be all these unrelated and disjointed pieces, Bam! There is incredible Clarity and in an instant you KNOW where all the pieces fit, how they go together and you see clearly the image they are conveying. By the way, The Way of Mastery, A Course in Miracles, and A Course of Love as well as many, many, many others are all box tops.

Each of Jeshua’s pathways gives us a picture of the completed puzzle to help us put the pieces of our Christ Self back together again. We have all had these Ah Ha moments when all of a sudden we get something, and know it. I recall a lot of them with math when I was a kid. Watch a small child when they ‘get’ walking or ‘opening the fridge’ or ‘riding a bike’. You can see such joy when they get it, and from then on they simply KNOW. So we are each very familiar with Revelation. This simple act of something that is not known or understood being “Revealed” and becoming known IS Revelation. Where does that “unknown” come from? God of course, the Source of All that is, all that can ever be kNOWn.

We are all so familiar with “Revelation” we often take it for granted and actually dismiss it looking because we are looking for some mind blowing Mystical experience. I have had my share of those Mystical experiences and they can be PROFOUND but it is actually the nuts and bolts simple and ‘little’ ones that add up to powerful insights and Awakenings that sustain Awakening. If you have had one of those big Mystical ones you know they are very hard to hold onto. In an instant your Awareness expands so profoundly it is often impossible to hold that level of Awareness for any real period of time. As a result of that Revelation seems to be lost and we create a ‘limited’ memory about the revelation and we try to live from that. If you, like me, have tried this you know it does not feel very authentic, even though we try really hard to act like it is.

But these precious, precious little, seemingly insignificant Revelations, those are the real jewels. One simple puzzle piece at a time being dropped in place with a ‘click’, the puzzle growing slowly over time. That process gently expands us at a rate we can handle and can effortlessly incorporate and live from. This is the real gift of Revelation. While the temporary mountaintop experiences are wonderful (they are like highlights of coming attractions), it’s the little Revelations that accompany each consciously chosen step up the mountain that really Awaken us.

So with that setup, let me share the nature of the recent Revelations about Waking Up to the Movies. Of course each of us are actually working on the One Cosmic Puzzle of Awakening, we just each have our own section. Each one of us has had totally unique lives and experiences across time and space. No two are ever alike. So each one of us has collected a completely unique set of puzzle pieces (experiences). Each of us are attempting to make sense of all these pieces (experiences). All of us on some level are wondering what is the purpose of Life? Often with many four letter words! We are wondering, “What is the (*%^@ing point!?”

Well, I hope this letter helps clarify it for you as it has for me. It is my giving to you what I have received. Jeshua says that a Miracle shortens the need for time. And that a Miracle is the result of joining in Truth. So when we are willing to forgive ourselves for trying to figure the whole cosmic puzzle out all by ourselves, and for only ourself, and instead choose again to join with others in Truth and with the Spirt, a Miracle occurs. So imagine two of us come together and are willing to set aside our demand to be separate and instead choose to join in Truth.

It is like we set all our puzzle pieces out on one table and get to work together and share with each other the pieces we have. In that joining, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I AM there”. The Spirt shows up and holds the Box Top up, allowing us to ‘gift’ each other our pieces, and work together instead of separately. So imagine that you have mastered piano. In your willingness you share with another your mastery, you fill in that part of the infinite possibilities puzzle for them. Saving them the time of having to learn it for themselves. A Miracle has occurred, the need for more time collapsed.

Let’s look at another example. Say you experienced sexual abuse or maybe were even an abuser. Now there is someone else who has also chosen to play with those energies too, but they have completely forgiven themselves those experiences and are healed. Now if these two come together and share puzzle pieces, the healing that is completed in one is actually gifted to the other. The one who has the pieces (experiences) of abuse but had not forgiven themselves actually receives the healing from the other. The one who has put the pieces together in healing shows the unhealed one how the pieces go together in forgiveness. So the healed one shows the unhealed one it is possible to forgive themselves. “Here my Friends take a look at my puzzle pieces, here is how they fit together in forgiveness and innocence.” It still remains the choice of the unhealed one to accept the gift and claim those new puzzle pieces for themselves.

Remember in the joining, the Spirit is helping coordinate all this on multi dimensional and profound levels of consciousness… Really incredibly miraculous stuff. So cool to see. Wahoo! I hope that makes sense so far. I have now seem my pre-incarnation choice/purpose for this sojourn as well as the agreements my Soul made with Jeshua to serve His plan for the Atonement. I agreed first to Awaken myself and then to create contexts where others could also awaken if they choose to.

So imagine that the Movies, Dialogues and Deepenings, actually serve a profound multi-dimensional purpose. They act as a Cosmic clearing house so to speak. Everyone who engages them, and this is now many thousands all over the world, (127 countries at last count) have unlimited access to ALL my puzzle pieces, thru all the videos and audios online. Those serve to connect then via the Spirit to my Soul. But wait there is more, much more. Given the nature of time not being what we think it is, this gifting is happening both backwards and forwards in time.

So this most recent revelation I just had (imagine puzzle pieces coming together and making a clear picture for me today) is offered freely to everyone who watches or listens to any of the One Who Wakes materials. You might recall in ACIM, Jeshua says “To have all, give all to all.” I joyfully offer ALL I AM to any who chooses to join with me in Truth. I choose to hold nothing back nor keep any secret pieces (experiences) hidden.

But wait there is still more. Miracles are amazing in their exponential healing and time-collapsing power. This is exciting, I am offered all the puzzle pieces of all those who touch my work in even the smallest way, to the extent that they are open to joining and sharing puzzle pieces. Universal Law does not allow me or anyone else to be a puzzle piece thief. Thank God for that, we must each choose to give and receive in joining. These choices must be made consciously.

By simply agreeing to touch my work, there is some level of willingness. One of the reasons for this email is to ask you to allow me to share in all your puzzle pieces. Just as joyfully, I offer you the gift of my Uniqueness, which grows in Awakening daily. I offer ALL that I AM to you. I ask for the gift of your uniqueness and ALL of your experiences (good or bad, I welcome them ALL in innocence, they are all perfect and necessary puzzle pieces). Your pieces (experiences) will further support and quicken my Awakening, thus giving me more to share with each of you and any others who may ask, now or in the past or future.

Wow, this is so cool. So I ask you, will you help me please? Will you open yourself to me and the Spirit, so that we might share all we are with each other and combine our puzzle pieces together and quicken both our journeys? I would love to gift you all my revelations, awakening and healing, and likewise I welcome all of yours.

As I type this an image floods my awareness. I see a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, beautiful building with rows and rows of tables. Like a huge Cosmic library. There are literally thousands upon thousands of Beings each with their puzzle pieces laying on the table before them. The presence of the Holy Spirit is there as well. The Spirt is moving with infinite speed between all gathered, sharing puzzle pieces with everyone. “Oh, I see you need that piece? Bob has it and is willing to share. I will go get it and bring it to you. And you have a piece Bob and Sally need, may I share it with them please?” It is all so totally amazing, there is such joy as revelations, healing and clarity comes in wave after wave after wave. It is very ecstatic. Please don’t ever underestimate how important you are to me and all other Beings.

We need every Soul and ALL the puzzle pieces to Awaken fully. So now I know so much more clearly why I chose to Awaken quickly, and why I was moved to create One Who Wakes and co-create all the content and PlayShops that have been shared so far. It is all to support the One Plan of the Atonement and support all Beings in our collective Awakening. While still supporting my own further Awakening. I am overcome with such Awe and Infinitude.

I had no idea that the stuff I co-created, with Jeshua, in my living room, would have such a profound effect on me and countless others. The vast majority of whom I have never met in person. Nor did I understand the depth of gratitude I have for YOU, yes YOU. All of you who have joined me in the Great Crusade to fully Awaken Humanity! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I would love to kiss the feet of each of you!

So if you have not watched a Movie, Dialogue or Deepening in a while, why not tune in again from this new Revelation and see what more is available for you. And discover what you may have to offer to me and all others who touch One Who Wakes. The One Who Wakes works is now a living thing, constantly growing in its power to heal and Awaken. Not just by what I do, but by what WE do in partnership with the Spirit! Wahoo! How frigging cool is that. Such a brilliant design, we have a Great God!

Imagine what it would be like if we were all excited to greet each person we meet knowing that on the Spirit level they are there to help us. They may very well share with you just the puzzle piece that you need to set yourSelf free. Wahoo! Your Brother is indeed our Savior!

One of the Movies depicts some of what I am sharing here. In “The Giver” you can see how One’s Awakening is gifted to ALL the others. But that one took on all others past stuff. Very cool movie.

If you want to join with me in person and exchange puzzle pieces, so to speak, I will be doing a series of events in the Greater Sacramento area in a few weeks. My musical friend Angelika will join with me and share her musical gifts for these events. Musicla puzzle pieces are beautiful ones! The main event is a PlayShop entitled “Beyond Belief into Presence”. Are you ready to move beyond belief and learn to abide in a palpably felt all Loving Presence? Come play with us and bring all your puzzle pieces please. More info and an event calendar is available at the top of the screen just click the Sacramento Playshop button.

When Jeshua and I joyfully joined to co-create One Who Wakes and all the content we have offered so far, he asked me if I would be willing to give it all away for free. Honestly this triggered me quite a bit. “Give it away? How will I live? I need money too,” I complained. And many Spiritual Teachers charge quite a bit for what they offer. Little did I know how deep this fear actually went for me. It has been quite a journey to discover and heal what was hidden deep within around abundance and the belief in lack. Would you like those puzzle pieces? It is my joy to offer them to you.

He assured me that any Soul that was helped would respond in gratitude and would gladly donate to us. This has all been quite a lesson for me, a sometimes difficult lesson but one I am grateful for. It has required me to trust more deeply than ever. I have also had to learn to ask for support and financial donations. The whole of my Life is given to one purpose the Awakening of myself and all of humanity. That is my choice to serve rather than ‘work’ for a living.

If you have watched any of the videos through to the end, you will see I often struggled with the asking for donations part. I was not very graceful at it. I have grown in that regard quite a bit, and am now willing to ask for support and donations with great joy and humility. I see it as my gifting others an opportunity to share their love and money with me. For this, I am most grateful. I know I am grateful when people ask me to share.

Some of you have donated in the past, and if that is you reading this now, I thank you very much. Given the number of downloads of our videos and audios the percentage of viewers that actually donate is very very low. I joyfully ask all of you now, would you please choose to make a donation to One Who Wakes? We are a 501c3 Federally Certified Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductible. Cindy and I would be most appreciative, and we often like to do a little dance each time we get a donation. Please will you keep us busy dancing and in celebration? Click the GIVE button at the top right of this screen to donate now.

Humbly, inJOY and I love myself, John Mark