One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

A Personal Sharing from John Mark

Beautiful Friends, I greet you with great Joy and Celebration. I feel moved to this personal sharing and a One Who Wakes update. Let me begin with some history and context.

As many of you know, the public work of One Who Wakes began in March 2012 with our first Waking Up to the Movies. Joining with Jeshua to watch movies was such a fun and powerful part of my own pathway, and I am so grateful to have been able to share many of them with you. We now have 45 movies, with the Spirit’s Guided Commentary, in the database. All of them are available for free download from our website so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. CLICK HERE for the current Movie listing.

The One Who Wakes Dialogues began a few months after we began showing the movies. The Dialogues chronicle my experience of Awakening through A Course in Miracles. In them, I share the symbols and revelations Spirit used to bring me to the Awareness of Love’s Limitless Presence that had always abided within me. The first ten Dialogues constitute a Spiritual Path in and of themselves. There are now 37 fun and practical One Who Wakes Dialogues available for free viewing on our website. CLICK HERE to view them online.

In early 2013, we began a series of Deepenings for the The Way of the Heart. The Way of the Heart is the first twelve lessons in The Way of Mastery. The Way of the Heart sets the necessary foundation upon which the remainder of the pathway is built. It was a joy to join with Jeshua and extend these Deepenings to you. Just last Tuesday we recorded the final deepening of Lesson 12. There are now 49 videos available for free viewing on our website. Jeshua has shown me the quickening effect these Deepenings will have on any who choose to abide with them. CLICK HERE to view them online.

We have chosen to extended all these expressions of Love through me free of charge. Our family is sustained totally by Love, by your Love Offerings/Donations. We ask for and welcome your contributions. CLICK HERE to make a donation now.

In January Cindy and I were called to journey to France and Italy. In France, we spent time at Mary Magdalene’s Cathedral and Cave. Incidentally, many other Friends of the Heart have also been called to visit the Provence Region in Southern France. Have you felt a calling? If so, I would encourage you trust it and follow it. After France, we made our way to Assisi, Italy to visit St. Francis’s Cathedral and many other cathedrals. Our travels in Italy ended with Jeshua’s surprise guidance to “Go directly to the Vatican in Rome”.

While in Assisi, I received a Vision. That Vision indicated my pathway would be taking a new and exciting direction. Since that time, I have had another recurring Vision. For those of you have seen the Movie “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” there is a scene where

the young Francis strips down naked and walks away from his own life and into the “Will of God”, abandoning the world he had known. Over and over I have seen this vision of a naked Francis and Jeshua (he has cloths on :)) beckoning to me “Come Brother follow us.” The mind screams out I have done that already, several times! But the vision keeps coming. Seems I am being asked, “Are you willing to go all in, again?” Despite the protest in the mind, my Heart cries out YES, YES, YES to once again take a leap into the unknown!

I am asked to simply “BE.” To “BE” the full embodiment of Christ Consciousness, not by “teaching” the teachings, but by BEing the “embodiment of the teachings”. As Jeshua often reminds me, “The only way to Know is to Be that which is Known.”

Jeshua has also called me to join with my Beautiful Friend, Nouk Sanchez, and other friends of the Heart and travel to Israel in April. About 4 years ago Jeshua began to reveal to me the role I played in his final incarnation. It has only been recently that I have been able to open fully to embrace and welcome that lifetime in total forgiveness. This trip will complete an important circle of incarnation for me. Between now and the trip in April, He has asked me to simply “Be Still and rest in Christ’s communion and abide in the vibration of Heaven on Earth.” Wow, that sounds cool, I look forward to experiencing that.

I have no idea what all this means or what life will look like for me in the future. I simply and joyfully offer my total willingness to allow it to all be completed in me and through me.

Additionally, Cindy has also received guidance that her exploration of sound healing can be pursued to great benefit. She is joyfully envisioning her extension of the gift of harmony through sound resonance. We look forward to incorporating Cindy’s sound healing creations in future One Who Wakes Plorkshops and Retreats!

This brings me to the point of this letter. The time has come for the regularly scheduled weekly events of One Who Wakes to end. For the last two years, Cindy and I have hosted these events in our home. We are so deeply grateful to have had a home that served so perfectly to host these events. We are now being moved into these new directions of Service through Embodiment as Christ. One of those directions includes the continuation and expansion of One Who Wakes Plorkshops and Retreats, where we can all join in experiencing our deeper and more immersive expressions in Christ Consciousness. We invite you to join us. A full listing of our Plorkshops schedule is available on the OneWhoWakes website. CLICK HERE for the current schedule. Feel moved to help us create and host a Plorkshop or Retreat in your area? If so please let us know, just click the email link at the bottom of this page.

Awakening has revealed many, many things to me. It brought deep and lasting Peace, as I know with certainty “What and Who” I really am. With that realization also comes several important understandings. One is that “I” am eternal as the ever present “I AM” and that all else is playfully, joyfully impermanent. Fully embracing this allows me to truly let go of the need for the world, things, and others to be or look any certain way. Also gone is the need for safety and stability through routine, planning, predictability and the traditional structures of the world. I have come to celebrate beginnings (this is usually easy) and to equally celebrate endings (this can be the tricky part). It is in the endings that space is created for Love to extend Itself in new ways as the Good, the Holy and the Beautiful.

Will you join us in celebration and gratitude for what we have all Co-Created in union through One Who Wakes over the past two years? Without your participation none of it would have ever happened!

Wow! I wonder what will be next? Father, thy Will be done! Wahoo!

Part of that answer has already been revealed. For some time, I have been ‘seeing and hearing’ a lot of stuff….. Jeshua has confirmed that the gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance are being activated in my Being. These gifts are only given that I might be a vehicle for Love to move thru me to Join, Honor and Embrace others in service to the Atonement. I am now guided to use these gifts to help others hear, see and feel their own inner Knowing and Truth. Jeshua invites me to “play” with these gifts. With play comes quick Mastery, he insists. Will you play with me? What I welcome now is practice, and lots of it. Practice at playing, sounds Divine doesn’t it! Are you interested in joining with me for a one on one session? If so please CLICK HERE for joining info.

As Jeshua says over and over in The Way of Mastery, “Love allows all things, accepts all things, trusts all things, embraces all things, and Love is therefore Transcendent of all things.” In my recent communions with Him and the Lineage, they have joyfully expanded that definition to include, “and Love Celebrates all things!” If you wish, come join with us in the eternal Celebration: God alone Is, I Am that One and it is very, very good!

inJOY, John Mark

inResonance, Cindy