One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

Dialogue is one of the greatest forms of communication that we have. After all, it is through the spoken word that the Living Word passes down to us through the generations. Honest dialogue is personal, authentic, and sincere. It is a way to immediately enjoy the experience of one’s vibrancy through the expressions of thought, word, and presence.

Always a dynamic speaker, John Mark naturally shares his path with others through the oral tradition of the dialogue. As John Mark speaks of his experiences and the topic of discussion, he is guided by the words of Jesus. In this way, he gives others the ability to see behind the veil of their own existence and to gently awaken the Christ Mind. The world is then experienced as it truly is: Unified, perfect, and loving.

In his dialogues, John Mark uses many other tools to convey his message of Spirit and Love. Attendees can expect the topic to be expressed not only by his words, but also highlighted by the use of songs, guest speakers, and laughter. True to the spirit of the dialogue, John Mark gives the opportunity to answer any questions that have arisen in his audience after his message has been offered.

John Mark shares a dialogue every other Friday. Please check the events for details.

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