One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

In early 2012, John Mark received a series of Revelations that began to outline the “One Who Wakes” plork (more play than works so we call it plork) he was being guided to do. During one of those Revelations John Mark received the above image. He was then guided to a graphic designer over the internet that completed the design from his description.

It is a symbol for Christ Vision. As Jesus said in the Bible: Let thine Eye become single. It represents the way the Awakened Mind of Christ sees and experiences the world. Christ knows only Oneness. It is a symbol for One World, One Love, One Peace, One Joy, One Creator.  It is the always present, always awake, effortlessly pure and unconditioned awareness of the Christ Mind. It further represents the simple truth that only Love is real and God simply is.

Many find the image very powerful and have experienced expanded states of consciousness or simply a greater sense of peace when viewing the image. John Mark enjoys wearing the images on his t-shirts & sweatshirts. It makes for some really interesting conversations when people notice it.