One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

John Mark is one of those beings you come across in life, where you just can’t deny yourself the grace of his presence. He is the most joyful, in touch and most importantly, unconditionally loving human being. The best is, you can trust him, which gives one a sense that it’s okay to go deeper. He doesn’t do the work for you, he keeps his spiritual boundaries, yet at the same time, you are learning on your own which is fun and most beneficial. John Mark always zeros in on what will best serve your healing and growth! He will support and cheer you on as he escorts you with in; and as you choose to embrace and awaken to your higher self and the oneness that we are. I can’t thank John Mark enough for opening up a world that I did not allow myself to explore. I continue to seek, learn and experience the wonder of what will come, all in the knowing that I am. Who could ask for more? Lisa K.


Dear John Mark,
After our recent playshop in Toronto much has been unfolding for me. I am really grateful for this opportunity to receive and to give. This is a lesson that was very hard for me to learn and to understand. “Giving and receiving as one in truth.” You have showed me how to receive graciously from “others” and from my self, and showed me that I have something to give, which is love. It is all love, there is nothing but love.
There is much to share and to heal and we will do this together. Thank you for showing me how to play, how to forgive and how to love my self. My heart is filled with love right now and is melting down the shame I been holding to for so long. Ania Y


I was just blessed by time spent with John Mark and Cindy, just as we were in Toronto. We were a group of about 12-16 new friends, who were welcomed so lovingly and graciously by Linda into her home. I personally had a Retreat with John Mark on the top of my bucket list, so it was awesome to have him “come to me”. Even more special was the fact that this was in an intimate setting, where we really could connect in person, with beautiful big hugs, joyful dancing, shared laughter, life-shifting teachings, experiential practices, and the opportunity to just bask in the Joy and Love that emanates from John Mark.

Do give yourself this amazing gift, even if it means a few hours driving. I am so grateful, and am looking forward with much anticipation to having John Mark and Cindy in Toronto again before they head out west to you.  Joyce (from Stouffville ON)


John Mark brings energy, passion, clarity and humor to his teachings of the Christ Consciousness materials. His emphasis is on feeling the truth of the materials, and applying it to our present experience. Importantly, John Mark and Cindy are a great demonstration of this work, in their relationship and in all aspects of their daily lives, and they do it with a whole lot of fun. I am continually surprised by how the “things I thought I knew” drop in further to a truly mind-blowing level through John Mark’s teachings. Linda C.


WOW – A workshop full of fun, joy, love and laughter. Truly amazing to feel the ease at which we can Know Our Truth and to experience the simplicity of connecting to source. To feel oneness in its entirety and to experience true love. A real blessing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Your love truly did pour down and expand to all who attended. Joanne, Paul and Jamie (Ireland PlayShop)


The One Who Wakes event with John Mark Stroud catapulted me into embodying my Christ Self like no other experience I have had. To reveal the depths of my illusions and the pain they have created to an awakened Being who sees only Love was transforming. John Mark showed me how to become acutely aware of my fear-based choices and gave me a clear and powerful path to receive inner guidance and to choose again. Since the Playshop, I am using his teachings to reveal to me my true power and joy. I am moving forward in my life in ways I wasn’t able to before. If you want to “wake up to your true Essence”, this is the one event you don’t want to miss. Laura T


I have watched many videos and movies on John Mark’s website and have had several personal sharing sessions with him as well. I have enjoyed them all immensely and feel they have greatly helped me on my awakening path.

I recently had an opportunity to attend a One Who Wakes retreat in Montreat, NC. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who has had enough of the intellectual spiritual learning and now wants to take it to the level of actually embodying and living the teachings. The retreat not only provided specific embodying practices but also incorporated live “Waking up to the Movies” events where we watched a movie and then John Mark would pause it and give commentary to shift our perception about what was happening in the movie. I absolutely love that waking up can be so much fun! I am just so grateful to John Mark and all who participated in the event. We all experienced so much healing and so much love. I am so looking forward to attending my next One Who Wakes event!  With the deepest of gratitude, Rob D.

With love and appreciation. I recently attended Living the Light of Christ retreat in NC. John Mark’s retreat play workshops strike a wonderful balance of joyful playfulness and fun, experiential intimacy building exercises and laser sharp ego shattering spiritual teachings. He is one who is Awake and inspires me to join him in waking too. Gail L.


Thank you, John Mark, for being such an inspirational Christ – by inspiring me into greater realisations about the Christ that I Am. In particular, the guidance you gave, taking us into an ever deepening of our I Am Presence, provided me with a feeling of such pure acceptance and love of All That Is, that it has stayed with me ever since. For that, I am eternally grateful – never mind all the other amazing experiences! Thank you, thank you, thank you. In love and joy and deep gratitude. Moira S.


The “Living in the Light of Christ” playshop was rich in love, wisdom, laughter and personal transformation. The depths of higher-consciousness flowing through you was palpable. As a teacher myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the play on the exchanges, allowing for first-hand demonstrations of the use of the Christ-Light in action, in life, as Love Itself. Thank you for being the Light and I would definitely recommend your retreats for anyone interested in coming to know Love and Truth.Kelly S. Jones


This past retreat was the most powerful event in my life. When individuals come together with a common purpose to open to our true Divinity, miracles begin to happen. One Who Wakes provided a safe place for me to come directly aware of my own Divine identity. No words can describe what a healing and JOYOUS EXPERIENCE John Mark facilitated. Thanks John Mark! Kate D.


Good morning John Mark. Once feeling the impulse or perhaps a more descriptive word for it…would be..the directive…to write and say…Thank you, deeply, fully and truly…for our time together on Skype recently.

I feel that I have been given a direct Encounter with the Christ Mind….absolutely direct, clear, deep and useful. To me…this is Love…Love that is not of this world…coming to me through your Form…revealing, clarifying and reinforcing everything necessary for my awakening mind at this time. The preciousness of this is quite beyond any words.

One specific thing I would like to share with you is this…Seven words you said that have given me the Key to this current state of the fullness of the emptiness:

“I don’t know what I don’t know.”

As you know…… I experience direct sharing with Jesus and there is so much Fullness in this and that fullness is expressed as the wholehearted YES of my Being…yet, what often follows that…. is the emptiness…progressively deeper it seems …and up to the time of our joining JM…in the emptiness…would come stress and efforting with the ego…as if…it was now supposed to know how to fulfill the Yes of the Fullness…as if it was responsible for carrying out the fulfillment and experience of the Yes to all Jesus presented. Needless to say..that cycle doesn’t work and was like being on a hamster wheel.

Now…through those 7 BEAUTIFUL words….I have the way of the Yes…and…the way of the emptiness….to simply rest in the emptiness with “I don’t know what I don’t know.” This really gives the ego no more breathing space.

Deborah L.


Dear John Mark and Cindy,

My heart is overflowing with joy and thanks for the wonderful changes that are taking place in my life since the retreat.  I am awake!I have been on a spiritual path for many years, including years of studying yoga and the Courses in Miracles and Love.  At your retreat my heart and mind finally began to open and I truly saw the face of God.  Now, I hear the voice of Jesus loud and clear and with this help I have been able to make long yearned for changes in my life.

In the early 1990’s, while teaching scuba diving in the Florida Keys, I had a diving accident which resulted  Decompression Illness Type II, serious nervous system damage, years of severe pain, and the loss of a career which I loved. Years later, I was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C, which by that time had already done serious damage to my physical body.  I spent years on strong medications for pain and depression, and my life, although it continued, did not bring much joy.

Today, as I write this I have put down all my medications – surprisingly with no withdrawals!  My heart is wide open and I cannot keep the tears of joy from flowing as I write.  I feel like I am finally home and each time I am with you, I know I have found my spiritual family.

Please feel free to use this testimony to encourage others to join you in this path.  The treasures it has brought to me are precious and I want nothing more than to be able to be an instrument in bringing others to the Peace of God.

Yours in Christ, Kathy M


Sending a big THANK YOU & LOVE, for the support, teachings and sharings! As you know deeply, words cannot describe the depth of meaning and significance of this remembering and awakening.  We love our Truth !! Praise God !

Will L


Thank YOU for your loving service to all of us! Have been watching the Live Stream of Way of Mastery over the last several weeks and I’ve been enjoying the living daylights out of it!! The deepening of the lessons is EXTREMELY helpful and I love, love, LOVE your lighthearted, FUN approach to all of it! It makes everything so much easier to grasp!!  Thank you! Thank you!!

Much love and gratitude,

Jen P


It was a miracle to find you! I went to the website, clicked on a video…watched for about 30 minutes and just KNEW you were the real deal…your joy, your laughter emanated the truth which I had experienced before in an awakened moment of being Christ!

Kate D


The main thing is your JOY!

There are a lot of teachers that are smart, and have good theories, ideas, speeches, even experiences. But I want the JOY and the peace that passes understanding – beyond dualism. Anything but that is getting erased.

I took the Course as far as I could go, and have been kinda floundering around.  Outgrew teachers, mentors, parents.  Met many course teachers and students, but none that really woke up from it. The Course began to seem complex and unattainable, so my practice waned, and I lost focus.

(Once you’ve done the workbook though, there really is no going back. – like taking the RED PILL in the Matrix.)  But now having met you… and you did as instructed in the Course – ALL IN – and woke up! And it’s so obvious to me that you are awake – and the JOY is the testimony, the fruit (ye shall know them by), along with the consistency of the thought system you express in words.

Aren A.


John Mark, I was just recently introduced to your One Who Wakes Dialogues. Tonight I just finished watching ‘What is Love?’ and I am moved beyond words. Thank you for your loving presence in my life!

Much love,  Jen S.


Hi  John Mark,

I wanted to take this time to let you know how grateful I am to have found you! David and I have shared your website with our ACIM groups with resounding applause. You have been incredibly helpful. I feel like my soul has opened up.

You keep busting me! I am that student who has spent decades (two of them) dissecting the Course. I got lost in the theology. I have been somewhat of an expert student all my life. Priding myself on my quick ability to grasp concepts. More ego bullshit!

I thought I was applying the Course…but I’ve been spiritually lazy. Now I feel like I’m hyper-vigilant for the thoughts in my mind. I see how much listening to the ego I was doing and how little were the thoughts I think with God. I am shifting. David and I are catching ourselves in so many ways thanks to your techniques.

Donna K.


I am deeply grateful for the work you are sharing, being a part of what you are sharing is so sweet to me, its like ice cream for my SPIRIT, thanks!

Rachel F.


Thank you – for having your dialogues available online …your voice is the most true I’ve heard –
Much Love


I met John Mark about 6 months ago in a group we attend.  Shortly after that meeting we had a personal session together.  It helped me greatly in terms of opening; letting go and releasing some unnecessary “stuff”.

During these last 6 months I have regularly attended the weekly gatherings at John Mark and Cindy’s home.  Both the Dialogues and Movies have been enjoyable – and yet much more than that.  They have served to help me to become more Aware, more Allowing and Lighter.  Life feels clearer and clearer as I go deeper and deeper.

This (beyond chance) encounter with John Mark, and all involved, is something for which I am most grateful.

The Universe is beautiful.

Steve C.


I had a personal sitting with John Mark, and felt afterwards that burdens of the ages had been lifted. I have greater peace and understanding. My relationship with someone has greatly improved. All my relationships with others have been improved. I see with greater clarity and feel much more confident and at ease.

I recognized John Mark’s authority immediately when I met him. The light of wisdom does shine through him clearly. He has great understanding and brings joy to me when he helps explain the scriptures, and the Course in Miracles teachings.

Pam R.


I have known John Mark for most of my life and we have been the best of friends for decades.

John Mark certainly stumbled across something powerful, but something that he will tell you was within him the entire time and is within you now. He won’t force you down a path, rather he can show you the way to living a fuller more peaceful life – every day.  John Mark has clearly helped me see many truths that were always true but clouded by the “noise” I was hearing and listening to every day in my own mind. John Mark will show you that you have a choice and you’ve always had a choice you just didn’t know it. When you start to see it you will know that it was always true and he is only showing you what was always true for you!

If you want to interact with someone who is nonjudgmental, loving, and will help you see the truth that is already true for you John Mark has a gift for this.

It’s always great for me to spend time with my friend of so many years.

The recognition of how much pain I chose to bring myself every day has been incredibly enlightening for me. John Mark will only show you that you have more choices than you believe you do. He will do this in a nonjudgmental loving way, never forceful, never harsh. I have the benefit of knowing him for many decades and seeing the peace that he now feels. He just wants to share that peace, that peace that is already yours and you just don’t see it. He only wants to help you see the truth that is already true.

I can tell you that every day I have a greater appreciation for the everyday. I can tell you that I have an approach now that involves more gratitude and less worry and anxiety. This has came from my dear friend showing me that the way I have been looking at things didn’t have to be. It happened for him and he wants to share it with the world.

John C.


I met John Mark at a weeklong ACIM (A Course in Miracles) retreat in Utah a year ago. On his last day he had a beautiful breakthrough as he wordlessly giggled all morning – presumably at the absurdity of life. My reaction was a mixed feeling of loss and fear as I no longer felt connected to him on an egoic level.

When I returned to Utah for a 2 month deep intensive I reconnected with John Mark over Skype. Our bi-weekly phone sessions helped me with a raging fear that unleashed itself as a projection on another. I received from John Mark the love and support to work underneath the emotional pain to access the false beliefs which gave them their supposed credibility.

When I returned to Canada I was emotionally exhausted and spent the winter months in semi-seclusion. At John Mark’s prompting, I began to read ACOL (A Course of Love). These three books allowed me to intimately connect with Jesus in a flowing dialogue. Where ACIM was a study for mind training and discipline, with a resulting connection to guidance, ACOL was a gentle reminder which encouraged me to become the Oneness in Truth.

I now connect with John Mark when I watch his guided dialogues online or download his movie commentaries. The dialogues not only emphasize how immediate our connection to Oneness is but also how playful Spirit can be. The movies provide a backdrop for watching our reactions to whatever is happening on the screen. Whether seen on a computer, television, cinema screen or as a drama in real life, the egoic content is always the same. Our quest is to see it for the nothingness it really is and to know ourSelves as One in Spirit communicated in the seeming separation of form.

All for One and One for All

Lucia G.


Through John Mark’s guidance and teachings I am becoming ever more aware of Love, Truth and the reality of Christ over illusion.

He is the embodiment of the Infinite Love that he wants us to awaken to within ourselves.  He is brother, friend, teacher and way shower to all who know him.

In his presence, we are gifted with a reflection of our Oneness in Christ, an opening to Love within, and the experience of the freedom that we seek.

Leslie M.


Since our meeting in India, John Mark has shone as brilliant  light in my life. Often guiding me when the course of events took me through a dark passage, supporting and lovingly his clarity comes through the phone to rest in our hearts.  Like none other John Marks humour and willingness to share his personal journey makes our time together both fun and very poignant to our awakening.

He has graced us with lively Skype calls during my workshops and the participants loved him! Always he reminds us we are love by being that love. I have enjoyed and benefited so much from each of the OneWhoWakes nights with the movies I have seen and the others are waiting on the roster.

My deepest gratitude to John Mark and Family,

Maggie M.


When I first heard about John Mark’s awakening, I was skeptical. Still, I want enlightenment for myself and know it’s possible. It didn’t take long for me to recognize John Mark for who he is…a part of myself who is awake! It’s a great experience to study with him and attend the wonderful events he hosts. His presence and his light are gifts for us all.

I often drive away from the John Mark’s events in an altered state of consciousness. I have no doubt that his presence in my life is helping me recognize my own truth.

Two arms open wide, a huge grin on his face, love and light shining from his being…step into the world of John Mark’s events. You’ll leave with a greater recognition of your own light.

Laurel E.


I have found that the Friday night dialogues with John Mark have been helpful in my spiritual journey. Over the years I have been so frustrated with words. It has been a relief to know that words are not so important as I once thought. I also have learned that forgiving my frustration and relaxing I can find words to ask

my questions so I can go beyond the words. John Mark has given some wonderful tools to use.

I am grateful, Love and Light.

Rebecca C.


John Mark your ego-less presence is so refreshing.  Thank you for all you do in sharing your journey and making yourself so accessible to all of us to reach the experience of Peace and Oneness!

Andrea R.


John Mark’s open hearted acceptance has been a great blessing. Whether it is to sit in silence or ask questions he is always present. Friday night gatherings are interesting, enlightening, sometimes  surprising, inspiring and fun.

Barbara C.


When I first met John Mark I had a lot of intellectual armor ready to fend off the light and shield myself from the truth.  When he looked at me he said “I am at absolute peace”.  He said it with such unassuming certainty that I found myself unable to speak.  In the moment of my silence I saw the light on the horizon and I found us sitting there looking at it together, side by side as brothers.  For the rest of the day I had trouble forming words as none of the words I had definitions for meant anything anymore.  Having seen the light, I could not look away.  That’s the kind of miracle that happens when you hang out with John Mark. You get to see yourself as he sees you… as Love’s Divine Perfection the way God created you.

Peace, Todd W.


A Beloved friend suggested I check out John Mark’s internet sites. I did and I really liked what I heard and watched. It was hearing his disclaimer: he can only speak about how his journey was for him, offer useful tools, and that we are each responsible for ourselves — that I knew I wanted to tune into more.

In his easy, inspirational flavour he speaks his Truth. I know it is the True Love, the Knowing beyond the words that has drawn me. Having John Mark’s professional quality dialogues and Waking up to the Movies available 24 / 7, are beautiful empowering assets. More and more I am tuning into his sites to fill any hunger for “entertainment”.

While I listen and observe these and also during our private phone calls and letters, the outer world drops away and I am having a deeper intimate connection with my True Self.

I so enjoy the laughter, fun and pure delight I receive each time I connect. In this Joy I am awakening and feeling a deeper Love, a Love in me Loving me.

John Mark also brought music back into my life. He uses such a variety, and always the perfect enhancement to his message. It is now a part of my morning start up – I choose a song of encouragement, that is uplifting, loving, that I joyfully sing throughout the day. It is like a happy mantra drifting in the background reinforcing who I truly am, Love.

I am very grateful for John Mark’s companionship during this journey of no journey. The Pure Love, the sharing, the giving and receiving, so heartfelt and so magical. He gently reminds me that all is a reflection of my True Self, I am responsible and I Am therefore co-writer of these sites. We all are. How playfully wise it was to provide these so we can have such fun using them!!

In Love, Gail E.


I have been meaning to contact you ever since I returned from the pilgrimage. I wanted to thank you from my heart for your presence amongst us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were an inspiration to me. When your email came, I was very happy to extend my blessing to you. I honour the work that you are doing. I do not doubt that you will be an inspiration and a guiding light to many.

I treasure the red nose you gave me as a memory of you. One gift you gave me was the awareness of the holy perfection of all things. We were sitting at breakfast one morning in Santa Fe and  you spoke of this perfection of all that is in a way that struck cords within me very powerfully. I carried this in my consciousness back to Australia and have shared it with many others. It is a feeling that goes beyond ‘loving what is’. For in this awareness lies a deep joy and a quiet peace. So thank you, John Mark, for your playfulness and wisdom, your infectious joy and your deep compassion.

May the light and love of Christ shine ever brightly within you.

With my love and blessings. Anne.


Thank you from the Bottom of my heart.

Last night I was brought to tears and today I am filled with tears of joy and relief. What you shared last night is helping me to heal. The anxiety is lifted, and peace has entered.

Thank you for playing you’re part in the healing of God’s Son.

My mind is healing!!!!!!

Peace, Rachel