One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

The burden of beliefs & Who is the believer?

vimeo Burden of Beliefs.003This Dialogue goes straight to the dismantling of the egoic self and its meaningless thought system. We begin to suspect that beliefs and concepts are inherently flawed, when we remember how readily we trade old versions of “truth” for new more spiritual versions. How can we be sure that what we hold as truth today is any more valid than what we held as truth five, ten, or even one year ago? Creating a belief requires the creation of a believer. This ceaseless belief exchange serves as a distraction from the essential question: who is the believer? If you identify with your thoughts and concepts, you will miss the real Truth. You are the Christ pretending to not be Christ. How can a meaningless thought system appear so convincing? You have invested your Power in the conscious decision to ignore that you are pretending. And herein lies your salvation. Choose again! Decide to use the Power of your Christhood to loose your mind from the illusion of separation. See only Christ, only innocence and you negate both the belief and the believer, returning to the Mind of God, you’re very Source of Being. This Dialogue was recorded December 13, 2013.