One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud


You Can’t Screw it Up!

We’re all familiar with that voice in our head, the inner critic, who consistently reminds us that we’ve done something wrong, we’ll never get it right, or be perfect enough. Imagine the freedom of knowing that you can’t screw it up! John Mark uses the beautiful symbol of a labyrinth to illustrate God’s perfect plan and to remind us that the outcome is certain. There was a power outage during this dialogue, about 10 minutes of video was lost and the audio quality is a bit degraded in the latter half of the Dialogue. This Dialogue was given on June … Read More >

Body/Mind or Spirit?

Coming to the experiential realization that you are not a body you, are Spirit, is the final destination of every spiritual path. John Mark shares the symbol he was given that helped lead him to that moment of liberation and freedom. It is a very simple and practical way to begin to think about the contrast between the world of form and the infinite Spirit. This Dialogue was given June 15, 2012.

Click Here for Body Mind or Spirit? What am I? video on VimeoRead More >