One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud


What’s it Like When One Wakes Up

Since John Mark’s awakening, many people have asked, “What’s it been like? How has your life changed?” John Mark and Cindy share their story of the before and after experience. They identify some of the pitfalls of the Special Relationship, whereby we seek fulfillment in another, and the freedom found when one remembers the Holy Relationship which is union with God. Join them for a candid Question and Answer session, filled with laughter, a few teary moments, and ending in joyous dancing. This dialogue was recorded March 15, 2013. Click this link to watch on Vimeo. Read More >

Lost in a mind field

Levels of Mind low res vimeo.003We can’t experience this world without moments of feeling completely lost in our mind. That’s because we had to create deep, deep confusion before we could believe the tiny mad idea of our separation from God. John Mark shares a map, revealed to him by Jesus, that illustrates the steps we took to make the illusion appear real. We can follow the map back, reversing our steps and thereby piercing the defenses we created to hide Heaven. This process of forgiveness offers us everything we want. This Dialogue was recorded March 1, 2013. Follow this link to download the mind … Read More >