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The ego’s only fear is YOU!

In this dialogue we take a look at the songs of Jim Morrison and the Doors and reveal how their lyrics echo important themes from A Course in Miracles. We begin at the beginning. Why the dream? A tiny mad idea born in curiosity and freedom. Then we forgot we are dreaming and fell into specialness. It is through our recognition of our brother as our equal that salvation dawns. Our choice remains to open the unlocked prison door and return to the freedom that birthed us, if we will recognize the Ego’s greatest fear. Will we remember that we … Read More >

The Short Course – The Introduction to A Course in Miracles

In this Dialogue, offered at the beginning of the year when many ACIM students are starting the workbook lessons, John Mark reviews the Course’s introduction as its entire message contained in the “short course.” Starting with a great video clip from the Bob Newhart show, he speaks to the dissolution of fear through the abandonment of beliefs and concepts. Are your thoughts troubling you? Just stop it! ACIM is an accelerated, but not exclusive, pathway to enlightenment. Waking up to Truth is the requirement made of every separated mind. The truth of your union with God is the curriculum; your … Read More >

The burden of beliefs & Who is the believer?

vimeo Burden of Beliefs.003This Dialogue goes straight to the dismantling of the egoic self and its meaningless thought system. We begin to suspect that beliefs and concepts are inherently flawed, when we remember how readily we trade old versions of “truth” for new more spiritual versions. How can we be sure that what we hold as truth today is any more valid than what we held as truth five, ten, or even one year ago? Creating a belief requires the creation of a believer. This ceaseless belief exchange serves as a distraction from the essential question: who is the believer? If you identify … Read More >

re-MIND-ed Awakening is simply about being re-MIND-ed

In this wonderful Dialogue, John Mark speaks to us about our true identity as Awareness itself. Using the symbol of a computer running programs, he compares the computer’s neutrality in accepting and running all programs, without judgement, and remaining unaffected in any way by the type of program that is run, to the field of Awareness which also allows all creations to arise within it. Focus on our individual experience is the effect of mis-identifying ourselves as the programs being run, rather than the computer. All that we experience is occurring in the infinite Mind of God. Awakening is simply … Read More >

The Doldrums

Using the symbol of a sailboat, John Mark uses references from ACIM and other sources, to outline some stages of the spiritual path.  The process of “undoing” can bring disorientation as we recognize the valuelessness of what we once held dear.  Attempts to direct our awakening under the efforts of our own mind will soon leave us adrift, and will increase the disorientation.  It can feel like a ship caught in a windless doldrum.  Rather than becoming depressed, or abandoning the path, we can see this as an indication that we have neared our final act of willfulness, which is … Read More >

The Most Cherished Special Relationship

If there were a special relationship that was prohibiting your awakening and you didn’t even know what it was, would you want to know? In this dialogue, John Mark reminds us of the nature of special relationships and the Holy Spirit’s role of restoring them to the function God gave them. Then through the use of an audio clip from Raj/Jesus and a movie clip from “Revolver”, he brings us face to face with our most cherished special relationship. On the night it was first recorded, the answer brought the room to a stunned silence as those present felt their … Read More >

Return To Original Innocence

InnocenceWe look in an infant’s face and feel awe. A baby smiles at us and we instantly smile back. A toddler laughs and we delight. The baby even cries in perfect innocence. We are deeply moved by the presence of innocence. What if we knew that the innocence we attribute to a child was merely the reflection of the original innocence in which God created us? What if we knew, in the depth of our soul, that we remain in that original innocence NOW? It is our nature, our identity, our Being. In this dialogue, John Mark reminds us of … Read More >

Christ Vision

Vimeo Christ Vision.003Have you truly considered what God sees when he looks at you? The mind may first offer the “correct” answer by saying He sees perfection, or innocence, but then it will remind you of some flaw or failing, and thus is revealed how you see yourself. In this dialogue about Christ Vision, John Mark provides the symbol of a blank sheet of paper to remind us of the pure, and fully allowing Consciousness that is our True Being. We write our story – any version we choose – on this blank sheet of paper. All is accepted, all is allowed, … Read More >

The Truth is IN there – Seek not outside yourself

This illusion lingers because we think we are less than everything. We would not be in the experience of the dream unless we believed we were lacking, and the world held something that could make us whole. And so we search for idols, seeking what must fail, in complete denial of Truth. God dwells within, and our completion lies with Him. Our holy minds are alters unto Him, and where He dwells no idols can abide. John Mark shares examples of his own search for idols and the inward journey that brought him home to Heaven, the only place where

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What’s it Like When One Wakes Up

Since John Mark’s awakening, many people have asked, “What’s it been like? How has your life changed?” John Mark and Cindy share their story of the before and after experience. They identify some of the pitfalls of the Special Relationship, whereby we seek fulfillment in another, and the freedom found when one remembers the Holy Relationship which is union with God. Join them for a candid Question and Answer session, filled with laughter, a few teary moments, and ending in joyous dancing. This dialogue was recorded March 15, 2013. Click this link to watch on Vimeo. Read More >