One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

Return To Original Innocence

InnocenceWe look in an infant’s face and feel awe. A baby smiles at us and we instantly smile back. A toddler laughs and we delight. The baby even cries in perfect innocence. We are deeply moved by the presence of innocence. What if we knew that the innocence we attribute to a child was merely the reflection of the original innocence in which God created us? What if we knew, in the depth of our soul, that we remain in that original innocence NOW? It is our nature, our identity, our Being. In this dialogue, John Mark reminds us of the many sources that proclaim this message. The choice is ours. We can engage the separated mind, with all it’s complexity and denial, we can waste time and energy playing the egoic game, or we can claim the Truth that is True Always. There is no judgement, for there has been no sin. The Father looks on us and sees perfect innocence. Game over, welcome home. This dialogue was recorded July 26, 2013.