One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud


Return To Original Innocence

InnocenceWe look in an infant’s face and feel awe. A baby smiles at us and we instantly smile back. A toddler laughs and we delight. The baby even cries in perfect innocence. We are deeply moved by the presence of innocence. What if we knew that the innocence we attribute to a child was merely the reflection of the original innocence in which God created us? What if we knew, in the depth of our soul, that we remain in that original innocence NOW? It is our nature, our identity, our Being. In this dialogue, John Mark reminds us of … Read More >

‘I AM” Coming Out as Christ

In this Joyful Dialogue John Mark plays a Channeling of Jesus/Jeshua thru Paul Tuttle. In that Channeling Jesus likens our ego’s to “halloween costumes” we have chosen to wear. No problem at all in that except we have became identified with them and forgot who we really are. He encourages us to look within to access Christ Consciousness and look past the ego costumes all others appear to be wearing. In doing so we awaken to the Truth of all Being which is True Now. Jesus Joyfully asks us to “Come Out” of the closest where we have dreamed our … Read More >