One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud


What is Love? Do I really know?

What is Love? Do I really know? The world has taught us all about love. It taught us love is special. It taught us love is about approval, possession and that love has very specific rules that must be obeyed. John Mark uses the symbol of a light bulb to represent the ego’s love and the Sun to represent God’s Love. God’s love has no object and no opposite, it simply is and is all that is. When we open ourselves, by being willing to question all our ideas, beliefs and concepts about love, the Holy Spirit or the voice … Read More >

Prison for your Mind

Do you ever feel like you have no control over your mind? It can seem like we are a prisoner to the ego’s minds constant chatter, judgements, feelings, emotions and fears. It is an exhausting experience to be identified with the ego mind. The ego’s body/mind is a prison for God’s Holy and Limitless Son. That mind you think you are is not who you are in Truth. You must first realize the prison the ego has created for your mind before you can escape it. This message has been in the world for centuries. John Mark uses the allegory … Read More >