One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

The Short Course – The Introduction to A Course in Miracles

In this Dialogue, offered at the beginning of the year when many ACIM students are starting the workbook lessons, John Mark reviews the Course’s introduction as its entire message contained in the “short course.” Starting with a great video clip from the Bob Newhart show, he speaks to the dissolution of fear through the abandonment of beliefs and concepts. Are your thoughts troubling you? Just stop it! ACIM is an accelerated, but not exclusive, pathway to enlightenment. Waking up to Truth is the requirement made of every separated mind. The truth of your union with God is the curriculum; your free will lies only in the when and how you choose to recognize it. The Holy Spirit’s function is to show you everything that you have established as a block to the awareness of Truth. You may use time to forgive individual incidents, or all similar energies, and go straight at the small “i” mis-identification. You choose the method and the pace. Eventually, you will recognize that the process of “unlearning” is part of the unreal that does not exist, and know yourself as the I AM that is the Reality that cannot be threatened. And then you will know Peace. This short description cannot contain all the gems scattered throughout the Dialogue or the pertinent Q&A session. So come take a look at the entire video which was recorded January 3, 2014.