One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

The Doldrums

Using the symbol of a sailboat, John Mark uses references from ACIM and other sources, to outline some stages of the spiritual path.  The process of “undoing” can bring disorientation as we recognize the valuelessness of what we once held dear.  Attempts to direct our awakening under the efforts of our own mind will soon leave us adrift, and will increase the disorientation.  It can feel like a ship caught in a windless doldrum.  Rather than becoming depressed, or abandoning the path, we can see this as an indication that we have neared our final act of willfulness, which is simply to surrender all that we think ourselves to be to the Will of God.  It’s as if we’ve discovered what our sails are for! We cannot “understand” our way into the Kingdom of Heaven.  We can only yield to it.  This dialogue was recorded September 27, 2013.

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