One Who Wakes | John Mark Stroud

An Invitation to Allow….

When the Spirit moves…Mystery unfolds into deeper Mystery! Wow, Creation Rocks!

Cindy and I have been moved to put our house in Asheville, NC on the market for sale. We have no idea where we are going. We are just resting in the Trust that Spirit has it all worked out. This choice is also providing both of us some great mind watching opportunities.

We are so deeply grateful for this home. It was perfect to birth and host One Who Wakes as it grew in its extension of Love. How many houses can hold 40 people in the living room for a movie and park 20 cars in the driveway? We have also been blessed to have extra space so we could host many Friends of the Heart as they deepened into their own Awakening.

The funny thing about all this is, we tried NOT to buy this house, but we kept being drawn back to it over and over, until we bought it. The large living room sat virtually unused for 7 years, until Jeshua shared with me the Vision of One Who Wakes Dialogues and Waking Up to the Movies being broadcast right from the living room.

Holy Perfection! Thank you Spirit!

Yet another tangible and direct experience of Jeshua’s teaching “I do not know what a thing is or is for, nor need I know” and “I need do nothing”.

To all who attended any of events at our home, thank you for your Blessing with your Presence.

Infinitude, John Mark & Cindy