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A Personal Sharing from John Mark

Beautiful Friends, I greet you with great Joy and Celebration. I feel moved to this personal sharing and a One Who Wakes update. Let me begin with some history and context.

As many of you know, the public work of One Who Wakes began in March 2012 with our first Waking Up to the Movies. Joining with Jeshua to watch movies was such a fun and powerful part of my own pathway, and I am so grateful to have been able to share many of them with you. We now have 45 movies, with the Spirit’s Guided Commentary, in the

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John Mark interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump

logoBeautiful Friends, last week I had the Joy of joining an Awakened Brother, Francis Bennett, for an interview by Rick Archer for his Buddha at the Gas Pump show. Rick has done over 170 interviews with people that have experienced awakening/enlightenment.  Francis and I were Rick’s 171st interview. Francis and I both enjoy a deep and abiding love for Jeshua/Jesus and a predominantly Christian orientation. You can watch to the interview by following this link. does all this work as an expression of service to humanity. I encourage you to please consider making a PayPal donation on … Read More >

Thanksgiving Message

As we move into the week of Thanksgiving, we often pause to consider all for which we are grateful, to count our blessings as the saying goes.  I opened my mind to Christ for guidance on this note and I was surprised by what came.

We are so rooted in our physical body/mind experience, that if you were to make a list of things for which you are grateful, it would most likely be full of things. Yes, form or stuff.  I was moved to share a simple request.  

Will you please join me in being grateful for the Read More >